The Largest Island of the Cyclades

Naxos, the most self-sufficient island in the Cyclades, has so much to offer! Let Asimina Tours show you the wonders of this island. Naxos has something for everyone. Enjoy relaxing on the golden sandy beaches, learn how to windsurf, or try some local produce famously known throughout Greece... 


Naxos, as mentioned in Greek Mythology, was the home of the young Zeus as well as Dionysus, the god of wine and festivities and the protector of the island. 

This island is known for more than just its myths. It is a popular tourist destination filled with archaeological sites, beautiful sandy beaches, and windsurfing. 

Naxos, aside from being the largest island of the Cyclades, is the most fertile. Mount Zeus is the highest point on the island, producing most of the rain clouds. This rain provides Naxos with rich agriculture of various vegetables and fruits. The most popular products, known within Naxos is Naxian Cheese, Potatoes, and Kitron (a local lemon-citrus liqueur).


The best time to visit Naxos is:

April through October


The Island of Naxos