Santorini Fishing
5.5 Hours

Start your fishing trip experience on a traditional boat.  The host Giorgaros sails from Vlychada port which is known as the fishermen’s harbor)
The fishing trip depending if it's a morning or afternoon experience starts with lifting the nets or the creels from the previous day. You will stop at the White or Black Beach (depending on the weather) and you'll have the opportunity to swim, fish or relax as we cook the freshly-caught fish. The meal includes the catch of the day grilled, fried or as a soup accompanied by risotto and salad.
The Morning Fishing Tour duration is from 10.00 to 15.00 and the afternoon is from 15.30 to 21.00
The meal and beverages are included!  Transfers to Vlyhada port are not included and must be booked separately.

Tour includes: 
  • Fishing trip experience
  • Meals including the catch of the day!
  • The transfer will be included as part of your itinerary package
  • A tour guide who speaks English
  • Life jackets for adults and children
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Fishing tourism license Security - fire safety
  • Two crew members with helmsman’s and fishing licenses
  • 15 meters boat length
  • Plenty of space for relaxing &  fishing on the deck
  • Fishing Nets, Traps and Rods
  • 4 tables in the sitting area
  • 1 Cabin / 5 Beds
  • WC

No. 2703 - Santorini Fishing

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