The Romantic Sunken City

Take a Gondola ride back in time in this region made up of 100 islands, with no roads only canals to get you where you need to go! Stay a while in this magical city and you'll experience the pleasures of the "beautiful life" that only the locals know! Asimina Tours will make this an unforgettable vacation! 


Have a visit to the "City of Canals" known for it's many canals, historic sites, major financial and maritime power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. One of the most famous areas in the city is the Grand Canal, which was a major center of the Renaissance. Another must-see area is the central square, known as the Piazza San Marco. This is where you’ll find a variety of Byzantine mosaics, the Campanile bell and the beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica.

A unique experience is the Venice Carnavale, during the end of February and begining of March. This time of the year, you'll see the city taken over by music, costumes, and a celebration of the arts! 

The Best Time to Visit Venice:

Late Spring, or September through November



The city of Venice, Italy